Forensic Data Recovery

Professional and Confidential Service guaranteed




Retrieve deleted, hidden and secure data

Sophisticated state of the art data extraction to recover information from your device which is no longer or not available. iDatalab currently offer support for approximately 11000 devices.

Bypass security codes

If you require access to the data on a locked device (security, pin or password), iDatalab can retrieve the information as well as the security codes (dependent on model).

Backup complete databases

Most devices and Apps store information in databases. iDatalab can extract and export these databases for backup and analysis purposes. This is an advanced service tailored to individual needs. Contact us for more information.

Data Analysis

Customers can choose to have data analysed to locate key words, build time lines and interrogate data to suit personal circumstances for analysis or investigations. Contact us for more information.

Mapping of location related data

Many devices hold detailed location data. iDatalab offers you the option to extract and map this information to establish a graphical view. Contact us for more information.


Call Out Service

iDatalab recognises that it is not always possible or convenient to send your device away and we currently offer a call out service whereby the extraction can be performed on site; home or office.